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From: Tony Mendoza Jr.
Tuesday 9:58 PM

If you are looking for the guaranteed, best way to learn to protect yourself in this age of violence and uncertain times, then this will be the most important message you'll ever read!

Because I'm about to share with you what I have discovered over the last 16 years .... the 8 Secrets To Stopping Any Attacker Dead In His Tracks!

For the FIRST time, I am revealing the exact step-by-step blueprint I accidentally stumbled upon while studying a little known Kung Fu martial art that is thousands of years old!

Excerpts from the history of this Art ............ The ancient Art of Kung Fu San Soo is a Southern style of Chinese hand-to-hand combat, which incorporates all aspects of self-defense and was developed and refined over thousands of years. It is the means by which a person may become well versed in the use of his hands, mind and body to defend himself against any eventuality.

Kung Fu San Soo utilizes the hard and soft, linear and circular, internal and external, mental and physical. Where all martial arts basically use the same techniques, the difference lies in how they are used. Instead of limiting yourself by specializing in one concept, by utilizing San Soo, you will become well balanced in all aspects of combat.

Kung Fu San Soo's time tested techniques are based on a combination of punches, kicks, strikes and blocks done in perfect rhythm and directed to vital points of the body. These techniques can be changed instantly to suit the situation and do not necessarily follow a set pattern. ................. One aspect of training in San Soo consists of "fighting." Fighting in a scientific method that combines punches, strikes, kicks, and take down moves, in combination techniques done to the weak points of an opponents body. In a normal practice, a person faces his partner and they repeatedly simulate fighting throughout the class. One or more aggressors, standing or on the ground, fighting from any position and against any attack, the student trains for any eventuality and anything goes.

What I Learned Over The Last 16 Years
While Studying This Fantastic Art! 

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area over 50 years ago and grew up in a very bad neighborhood. I cannot even tell you how many times I was at risk of violence and how many times I was beaten up in the early years! And since I was small for my size, in my youth I chose mostly to run (if I could) and eventually was lucky enough to fall in with and befriend people that could protect me.

At age 20, I signed up at the local Gym and started to put on muscle in hopes that it would help keep me safe from violence and even though it did help a little bit, I always had that fear in the back of my mind that I would again be attacked in my future. I went on to create a part time career as a fitness trainer and at 33 years of age I finally moved out of that town and into a rural town up here in Northern California .... and wow, this town was "Pleasantville" compared to where I grew up!

When I went into the local Gym there and started working immediately as a personal trainer I met a man that was teaching a rare Kung Fu martial art and he invited me to his studio to try it out. I immediately fell in love with the art and have trained in it ever since. The one thing I remembered thinking when I first started was that I would be good at this with all the added muscle and power that I had put on my body over the years ...... but boy was I ever wrong!

My First Street Encounter Using This Art!

I had been training in Kung Fu For just under 3 months when an old friend invited me to his house back in the Bay Area for the weekend. I hadn't been back to the town where I grew up in over a year so I accepted his invitation and headed out. When I got into town, I was sitting in my car in traffic, as the first person in a left hand turn lane when I was rear ended by the car behind me! I was shocked but not hurt and got out of the car to see what the damage was as two men got out of the car behind me. I was looking at the back of my car when the passenger of the other car approached me and asked me in an agitated manner, what my problem was! I looked at him in disbelief and said, "I don't have a problem ..... you guys rear ended me", to which he replied, "I don't like your f***ing attitude and took a swing at my face with a left punch.

Even though I had only been training for a short time, I instinctively moved to block his punch and not only did I do so, I also shattered his left forearm with my block! This ended the encounter immediately and with the help of witnesses I was able to get out of the situation with no legal ramifications!

I discovered right then and there that this art was so powerful in the techniques and movements that anyone of any size could effectively learn it and it actually took me almost 4 years to realize that I didn't even need to use my size and strength to become good at it. Once I realized this, I became fascinated by how effective the techniques were without having to be big or strong and for the last 12 years now I have been focusing on teaching the hidden secrets within this art to stopping an attack before it even began. And now, I am offering it to you, here today, on-line!

Extracting The Most Important Aspects Of This Art

Now you have a couple of choices ..... you can join a San Soo School in your area (if you can find one) and spend the years it takes to truly become completely adept at this Art ...... or ...... you can quickly learn the most brutal and powerful secrets that it employs with me to effectively stop any attacker dead in his tracks!

I have laid everything out...in a step-by-step, connect-the-dots, no B.S. fashion that you'll be able to take action on as soon as you flick on your DVD player.

What Will You Learn From Ordering

Learn How To:

  • Take your attackers balance with your first move and then finish them!
  • Step and block at angles to his initial attacking momentum to create instant disruption!
  • Use your block as an offensive attack to break or damage his striking arm or leg!
  • Use your stances to avoid his attack and then learn to pivot in your stances for maximum striking power!
  • Use 10 different hand and arm strikes and know exactly where to deliver each one!
  • Strike with awesome power by combining these secret techniques!
  • Attack the 8 most vulnerable targets on the body to drop your attacker fast!
  • Set up your counter attack to take advantage of your assailant’s movements and momentum to actually generate even more devastating striking power!
  • Use leverage on his body to completely take his strength and power and quickly control his movements!
  • Use the element of surprise to knock your assailant out of his attack before it even begins!

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    Triple Your Fighting Stamina will show you how to: Kung Fu - Triple Your Fighting Stamina

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    • Create a stable base on either foot.
    • Develop maximum isometric leg strength
    • Use your stances in fighting situations.
    • Dramatically improve youe balance.
    • Increase your lower body agility.

    These drills and techniques have been used for thousands of years in China to help dedicated martial art students improve their skills.

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    And .... all you pay is $5.95 for shipping and handling to get my DVD plus Bonuses!

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    Unlike some "on-line programs" where they sell you something and take your money and run, I'm different.   You see, I understand that my success as a teacher is tied to your success, so I want to make sure you are successful in learning how to stop any attacker dead in his tracks!

    In fact, to MAKE SURE you are successful, every week I want to send you a personal video email from me - giving you step-by-step instruction on how to stop any attacker dead in his tracks.

    Don't worry - this isn't like most "land based" martial art schools where they charge you up to $125 every month for the rest of your life.  I'll actually
    GIVE you 2 weeks of this video coaching for FREE - and the program only lasts 16 weeks!!!

    If you like the free 14 day trial (and I PROMISE YOU WILL) then I'll keep coaching you. If not, let me know and I'll stop immediately.

    I want you to be successful ASAP... so I set it up where each week you'll get a video lesson from me, via email, to complement what's you have already learned on the FREE DVD.  It will give you step-by-step instruction plus specific action items you will complete before you move on to the next weeks coaching session.

    Good for you - that's the question you should be asking at this point.

    The first 2 weeks are 100% FREE!  You need these 2 weeks to help you get the solid foundation directly from me - and that's why I'm giving them to you free. 

    When those 2 weeks are over, if you feel like you have learned enough to stop any attacker dead in his tracks and can keep going on your own, then all you have to do is cancel your subscription and we will never charge you for another video coaching session!

    So, to make this a no brainer, the price of your personal video coaching will be just $24.95 a month, which is less than $6 a week which is only about $0.83 per day

    Sound like a fair deal? Is that too costly for you to ensure your personal safety?

    And, If you EVER feel like what I am teaching you isn't worth the $24.95 per month that it costs you, then PLEASE let me know ASAP and we'll cancel your video coaching immediately.  Just email me at tony@kungfutraiingsecrets.com or go directly to your Pay Pal account and cancel your subscription to my weekly coaching series.

    No questions, no hassles, and no hard feelings.  If you are not getting what you want from me, I WANT you to cancel your membership.

    So, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

    "If you are looking for ultimate way to protect yourself on the street then I would recommend this 16 week video coaching series on How to Stop Any Attacker Dead in His Tracks! My reason for this are many.

    The knowledge that you will gain is a no-nonsense approach to defending yourself on the street! The strategies and techniques that I show you consist of using surprise and complete disruption to systematically attack the vulnerable target areas of the body, ending the encounter quickly and efficiently!"

    Tony Mendoza Jr

    .Order my FREE DVD - "How To Stop Any Attacker Dead in His Tracks" - NOW!

    (Just $5.95 for shipping and handling - Payment Method - Pay Pal)

     Still Not Sure? Click here to see the 16 week video coaching series website!

    Updated: 3/21/2011!

    Many of you have sent me email requests for this 16 week program on DVD rather than participate via the website. The main reason is that you have connection speeds or computers that do not allow you to see the training videos clearly.

    For that reason, my 16 week video coaching series is now offered as a 6 DVD set that you can order by mail and can watch in comfort on your home televsion sets.

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